Things to Do

  • Blue Bird Log Cabin has a wood-fired pizza oven located right over the wood bin.
  • And we have also provided our all-time, favorite pizza cookbook to give you some unique and delicious pizza ideas!
The games (except chess as noted below) are in the cabinet in the connector under the double yoke.
  • The Poker Cards in the wood box are replicas of 1864 cards used by the Union troops during the Civil War.
  • Nine Pin bowling was the most popular bowling game from Colonial times through the 1830s.
  • Civil War Chess Set (upstairs in the loft) – Chess dates back to 500 AD in India and was extremely popular in America in the 1800s. The Civil War chess pieces on the table in the loft are all hand-painted in great detail. Even if you do not play chess, you ought to take a few minutes to appreciate the artwork of each chess piece. Notice the similarity of the kings to President Lincoln and General Robert E. Lee.
  • Dominos can traced back all the way to the 1100s in china and finally made its way to America from Brittan in the 1800s. This set of wooden dominos was handmade for the Blue Bird Cabin by a small family owned business in Colorado.
  • Mancala dates back to 500-700 AD in North Africa and made its way to American through the slaves brought here from Africa from during the 1600s – 1860s.
  • Scrabble was invented in 1938 by Alfred Butts right here in America. Its first name was Lexico. The scrabble set is a rustic version of this classic favorite.
  • Jigsaw puzzles. One of the favorite jigsaw puzzles at Blue Bird Cabin is a picture of Blue Bird Log Cabin itself. It is small enough it won’t take you several days to finish it! But it is really fun to do.

To help you fully appreciate all that is special about the Blue Bird Log Cabin, we have created a book that highlights the amazing architectural work, the history about the antique materials used to build it, and the many creative, artisan details throughout the cabin that you would, most likely, overlook without them being pointed out in the guided tour book. Prepare to be amazed!

  • If you want to sample the kind of musical technology existed in the late 1800s, try playing a few records on the antique Victrola. Just choose a record, wind it up with the crank on the side, drop the needle on the record and enjoy.
  • There are a number of additional records stored on the lower part of the Victrola. Feel free to look through them all. Just handle them carefully. They are all antiques.
  • The bookshelves are full of a variety of books, Please feel free to read any of them. We would appreciate if you leave them all behind when you go home.
  • There is one book that you are welcome to take home with our compliments. The book is entitled The Steward’s Way and multiple copies on the small bookcase in the bump out. Feel free to take home a copy. The owner of the cabin wrote this book. You can learn more at
  • There is limited TV reception in the cabin. However, we have provided you with a selection of classic DVD movies for adults and kids.
  • The TV and DVD player is on a roller cart located in the bedroom. Feel free to move it wherever you wish to watch a movie, including out on the front porch or the screened porch for a romantic, open-air, after dark movie!
  • There is adequate phone reception and the needed cables for you to use your device as a hotspot to watch internet movies and TV programming on the TV screen if you subscribe to those services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.).
  • In addition, the Dollar General store in Bean Blossom has Redbox movie rentals, if you want a wider choice of movies.

We are pleased to provide 1,000 Mbps High-Speed internet for your convenience. This will allow you to stay as in touch with the world as you wish while you are staying at Blue Bird Log Cabin.